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Designed for an independent Disney fan convention, this temporary exhibit recreates elements of a classic EPCOT Center attraction. After a walk through areas evoking the futuristic queue, the visitor experience culminates with a “journey” aboard a replica Horizons-1 vehicle while a video recording of the entire ride plays on a large screen. I created a virtual model in 3D Studio Max to help promote and plan the construction of the exhibit.


A fly-through animation of the model was used in a short advertisement created by the convention's primary organizer, Thomas Morgan:

Construction of signage and the first Futureport arches began in mid-2011 but challenges with potential venues, manpower, and funding put the effort on indefinite hold. For more information
and updates, please visit



And while I had long-since moved on from designing Disney related projects, I was drawn to this project because the original Horizons attraction was one of the most personally influential visions of an optimistic future. It is my hope that if this exhibit were to ever come to fruition, it would help towards reviving that vision.

The author of this website does not claim any rights to any intellectual property of The Walt Disney Company. This project is for entertainment only and not affiliated in any manner whatsoever with the Walt Disney Company, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates.

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